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A Second Chance


Today I want to celebrate the second chance of four men.

DRR Baptisms
Four men chose to dedicate their lives to Christ this weekend at the Double R Ranch with the public declaration of baptism.

The Double R Ranch has been and continues to be a refuge for men with broken spirits to rest and regroup while participating with creation to rediscover the purpose and honor of being a man of God. Under the leadership and guidance of DRR Director, Robby Ballmeyer, four men made the decision this weekend to jump into the waters of second chance through the public declaration of Jesus through baptism.

Names are significant and the fitting title of ‘Double R’ for redemption and restoration rings true for men with the courage to walk into new life and a fresh start with faith in Jesus. Walking away from stories of prison, abuse, dysfunction, addiction and abandonment, the Ranch offers a brotherhood of men seeking a new story and a second chance at life.

DRR Baptism


DRR Baptism

The act of baptism is a strong symbol of laying the past and our old selves to rest and rising again as a new life in Christ’s redemption. The Ranch is a perfect environment for men to bask in God’s creation and catch the fresh air of God’s presence and hope for the future of each of their life stories.

If you would like to contribute to the work of God’s second chance for other men, you can get involved by giving HERE.

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