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A Love that Overcomes Racial Divides, and So Much More


Ricky and Lisa are like many people who come to Orange County Rescue Mission at their lowest point, looking for hope that something can change and fix the mess they are in. But often they do not realize what needs to change and how it can happen.

Ricky knew that he didn’t want to go back to prison another time, and that he wanted his wife Lisa to have a fighting chance to live, as her poor health brought her near to death too many times. What he did not realize was that God had so much more for him, that he could find freedom from the lies and chains of racial hatred that he had been raised with. And that it would be God’s love, from an unlikely man, that would usher in the freedom and hope he now experiences.

Watch this video, to hear in Ricky’s own words about The Love that Transform a Life


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