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A Hollow Fight


Michael Alcaraz is a 23 year old writer from Irvine with a passion for sports and a soft spot for those struggling on the streets. As a direct result of purposefully engaging with his talents and interests, Michael approached the Rescue Mission with a creative proposal.

Inspired by the story of a wanderer that he had made acquaintance with, Michael put his writing talents to good use in creating a story about a homeless teenager in a novel titled, “A Hollow Fight.”

Hollow Fight
Michael with his book at the Village of Hope.

“A Hollow Fight” is the story of a troubled boy named Mike Crow who decides that being homeless is more satisfying than living a typical teenage life. Happily, he takes off from San Diego California and travels aimlessly down Pacific Coast Highway. He fights off weather changes, battles hunger, and searches for nightly shelter.

Months after embarking on an uncertain journey, the adventurer ends up in the Oregon wilderness. Mike climbs hills, talks to animals, builds fire pits, and meanders through monstrous trees as he lives as one with nature. Survival becomes what he believes will be the fight of his life after he runs out of canned goods to eat and can’t locate clean water. As he is dying, Mike spots a cargo train and is forced to stab himself for adrenaline.

In Seattle, Mike the bum rescues a girl being attacked; however, he is put in a sticky situation and goes to jail. At trial, he is found innocent and is approached by an older jury member named Ethan Chan, whom happens to be a boxing trainer. As Mike trains for his amateur boxing fight, he learns a thing or two about love when he bonds with the old wisdom of Ethan.

A Hollow Fight

Always looking for ways to help those struggling on the streets, Michael approached the Rescue Mission about a partnership where a portion of each book sale would be donated directly to the Rescue Mission.

The book can be purchased in paperback and digital e-reader marketplaces such as the iBook, Nook, and Kindle store.

To purchase a copy of Michael’s book and give to The Rescue Mission, click here. 


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