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A Fight to Reunite


After 15 years of drinking, drug use, prison and homelessness, Martin came to live at the Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope. While working through his program, Martin had a dream that his kids were no longer in foster care. With the hope of a new life and the opportunity to take control of the restoration of his own life, Martin got up that morning and started a diet, joined OCRM’s Up and Running Again Team and began to seize the reality of his dream.

Martin, not long after he first arrived at OCRM.


Martin Running
Martin training for his first half marathon.

Months later, Martin’s hard work and perseverance presented this moment, where his children moved into the Village of Hope, to live with their dad for the first time.

Martin kids move in
Martin’s kids arrive at the Village of Hope

This last weekend, Eileen Frere of ABC Channel 7 news chronicled the journey of this family’s reuniting and first Thanksgiving back together. Watch the story HERE.

Martin on ABC

See Martin’s life at the Orange County Rescue Mission HERE.

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