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A Clean Slate


Tattoo removal

The Orange County Rescue Mission is a back-to-work program.

That means that with each individual that walks through our front gates, our hope is that he or she will rediscover a hope for a future and a purpose to work toward in their families, careers and faith.

This life-changing  process of transformation begins in the heart and consequently produces residual change in outer appearance as well.

An essential piece to our program is our Success Center; preparing our students for their process of job search. However, all too often, even when our students have demonstrated significant change in character and growth in integrity, tattoos present a major hurdle in the potential of being hired for employment.

Tattoo removal

Tattoos can be a perpetual reminder of a darker past with regrettable choices and cost thousands of dollars to have removed. A majority of our clients express the desire for a second chance and a clean slate, but in the past this has been difficult or a rare opportunity due to high cost.

Yesterday, the Village of Hope’s  Hurtt Family Health Clinic waiting room was lined with men and women anticipating a fresh start; the opportunity to be washed of their pasts and stereotypes they have had to bear for far too long.

tattoo removal

The Legacy Foundation made this possible through the donation of a tattoo laser removal machine. Men and women with tattoos from prison, gangs and poor choices made under the influence of addictions were treated with the chance to start over and be made new. In the same way their hearts have encountered the love of Jesus, they have been granted the opportunity to be made new on the outside as well.

Tattoo Removal IMG_9325

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