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A Chance to Swim


As I arrived at the office each day last week, I crossed paths with an ecstatic flock of  freshly sun-screened faces of Village of Hope children. As they boarded a bus each day to attend their designated summer activity, I couldn’t help but think how generous a gift, such a simple thing as attention is.

This week and last, the children of the Village of Hope have been given the gift of one-on-one time with swim instructors from Watersafe Swim School in Tustin. What a crucial life skill that might even potentially save their lives. But more importantly, how instrumental and generous it is for these volunteers to give of their time to these children to teach them a skill that they will have for the rest of their lives.

Watersafe Swim School
Anthony gets some one-on-one swim instruction at Watersafe Swim School in Tustin. PC: Watersafe Swim School

Thank you Tustin Watersafe Swim school and all of our volunteers that have simply taken the time to be with our clients and walk through a leg of this life together.

Check out WaterSafe Swim School HERE!

Watersafe Swim
Village of Hope kids at swim lessons. PC: Tustin Watersafe Swim School

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