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12 More on the Road to Success


Two weeks ago, 12 men and women became the first Road to Success employment workshop graduates for 2018. Twelve people collected their certificates and shared their struggles and their victories. Twelve people, who came from homelessness, addiction, abuse and brokenness. Now, they stand before you as 12 job-seekers, confident in their skills and experience, and ready to put in the necessary hard work as they take this next step on the journey to self-sufficiency.

In 2017, we saw a 98% success rate of job seekers from our Road to Success workshop acquire full-time employment. Forty-seven percent obtained the highest paid position in their working career. That is a lot of successful interviewing! These encouraging numbers are representative of real lives that have been transformed, and we eagerly look forward to even more lives changed in 2018.

My appeal here is to employers: if you are looking for a hard-working, capable employee, I encourage you to take a look at the Rescue Mission job-seekers. These men and women have proved that they are reliable, tenacious, and willing to put the time and effort into their work. These men and women are problem-solvers, having overcome much adversity in their lives. These men and women are confident in what they have learned and what they have to offer, and because of this eagerly accept new and challenging work. And these men and women are appreciative of hard work and a good employer, and desire to be the best employees.

If you are employer, I encourage you to contact Joey Gonzalez at (714) 247-4370 or to see if one our job-seekers is the right fit for your company!

Congratulations to these incredible men and women: Heather, Geovanni, Kim, Gabby, Justin, Jaye, Wannida, Trendalyn, Amanda, Mike, Virginia, and Danielle! All of us here at the Rescue Mission are so proud of all your hard work, and I am eager to see what the future holds for you!

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