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Thirty-six More Leave Homelessness Behind!

At Orange County Rescue Mission, we talk about bringing hope to the homeless. But at the recent Spring Graduation, they brought hope to me! It is amazing to see the accomplishments of the 36 more men, women, children, and veterans who were motivated to do whatever it took to change their lives and leave homelessness behind.

And we all need a dose of hope! I encourage you to click the video above and listen to their stories and get inspired!  Because even in the most desperate of circumstances, God can show us the way to hope.

“California must fo more to help the long-term mentally ill.” Editorial by John Moorlach

In early 2020, then Senator John Moorlach introduced five bills with the aim of reforming the state’s outdated policies on how to respond to and support those suffering with mental illness. Many of these policies date back to 1967. With continued progress towards getting California back on track since the onset of the pandemic, I am hopeful that the state Legislature will resume discussions on this urgent need for reform.

Read the “Voice of OC” editorial by John Moorlach, describing how the state can improve how we help these very vulnerable people, by clicking here.

Fourth Generation Banker Gets Honest with Rescue Mission Graduates

It was a privilege for me to welcome Henry Walker, President at Farmers and Merchants Bank, as the Key Note Speaker at Mission University’s Graduation on March 14, 2021. What Mr. Walker shared was a pleasant surprise.

Inviting such a successful business man, our expectation is that he would share pointers for his success. Instead, Mr. Walker was very transparent and honest about his potential setbacks and the hardships he and his family have faced. And, how it is his faith in Jesus Christ, not his talents or wealth, that help him to overcome each new challenge that he encounters in life.

It was encouraging for all of us, especially the 18 men and women who not long ago were homeless, to hear that they can have the same confidence as a man like Henry Walker. And that while even wealth and a successful career does not guarantee a problem-free life, that their Father God will lead them through every challenge.

Thank you Henry Walker, for passing on HOPE and COURAGE to the newest Orange County Rescue Mission graduates!

Ministry Partner “Deed and Truth” Turns Castoff Furniture into Blessings

The long-awaited and well-deserved day to move into their own home finally came to a formerly homeless couple, Jason and Samantha. They graduated from Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope, saved money, and were about to move into their own apartment. But, they had lost almost everything when they were homeless. There was no storage room full of furnishings and household items ready to fill their apartment.

That is why I am so grateful for our new partnership with Deed and Truth. Founded by Dan and Betty Anderson to “fill important gaps…for those who need it most,” the couple and their fellow volunteers began collecting and storing furniture, not for resale purposes, but to bless those in need.

So now, when an individual or family has graduated from the Rescue Mission and is ready to move out, Deed and Truth supply them with furnishings, Extreme Makeover-style! Volunteers survey the apartment, choose furniture sets, haul it all into the apartment, and decorate it all to surprise the family.

Then the family enters their new apartment, that Truth and Deed turned into a home. In the last six months, fourteen households were furnished and decorated!

But , Jason and Samantha’s video of their apartment reveal tells the story best. Click here, and be blessed by seeing God’s goodness given through others!

Corporate Spotlight: True Point Lending Innovates for Charitable Giving

It’s exciting to see when the ingenuity of business combines with charitable purposes. Another local company that values using their talents and resources to give is True Point Lending of Laguna Niguel.

What especially caught my attention with True Point Lending is the creative way they are giving and letting others know about Orange County Rescue Mission. Chris and Kris Chudacoff send a link to the Charitable Giving Page at the close of a loan and asks the customer to designate a donation from True Point Lending to the charity of their choice, including Orange County Rescue Mission. And the customer is encouraged to donate an additional amount.

With just a couple of simple steps, the Chudacoffs are using their business not only to help customers get into a new home but to make a difference for those in need.

Thank you, True Point Lending, for your support and for being a corporation that values charitable giving!

Women for Hope Raise money and more for OC homeless!

It is inspiring – and fun! – to see how the creativity and commitment of others can come together to serve our community.

Now in its third year, the 36 members of Women for Hope raised a record breaking $107,200 for the homeless men, women, children, and veterans in our community. With this budget, they funded eight different programs at a recent, virtual gathering.

Women for Hope is a committee of women that raises money and volunteers for Rescue Mission programs. They gather and vote on their choices for funding at the Annual Winter Tea. Despite not being able to meet in person in January, the Women for Hope gathered together for a fun and interactive virtual event, including a special delivery of festive treats.

Early on in the event, $74,000 was quickly raised. But as the event progressed, these women had it on their hearts to give more, and they ended the event with $107,200 raised! With these donations, one of the people supported was Lorena Cruz, a Hope Harbor graduate. Over the last three years, Women for Hope have been able to make Lorena’s dream of becoming a nurse a reality by supporting her college career.

This event was a reminder that while there are limitations to gathering, there are no limitations to the generosity of these women. Women for Hope never fails to surprise me, and I am beyond grateful that the Rescue Mission can rely on the annual donations from these generous women.

If you are interested in joining the Women for Hope to make a lasting impact among the homeless population of Orange County, please visit Women for Hope.