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Orange County Rescue Mission Gives ‘A Hand Up, Not a Handout’


SANTA ANA, Calif.—Several years ago, Chuck Pelser’s life hit rock bottom. Heavily addicted to drugs at the time, he had lost his home, and his children were scared and suffering as they witnessed him spiraling out of control. At one point, things got so bad that, despite his love for his kids, Pelser attempted to commit suicide. The single father of three children was desperate to change his life and the lives of his kids, so he swallowed his pride and moved in with his mother. He told himself that the unstable motel life they had been living was part of the reason things were falling apart around him. But deep-rooted issues continued to cripple Pelser and his family. He was drowning in debt, consumed by addiction and the life of shame he was leading. He knew his children needed love and stability, but he was simply in over his head. They needed more than he could provide.

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