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Helping people overcome homelessness and become financially self-sufficient.

Orange County Rescue Mission is a faith-based, life-transformation program that provides on-campus housing, basic needs, and comprehensive services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

We minister the love of Jesus Christ to the Least, the Last, and the Lost in Orange County.

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Joey and Sierra

Ten years of heavy meth use and unimaginable grief after the death of their daughter, Joey & Sierra spiraled into addiction.

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Growing up in an estranged, disconnected family scarred by alcoholism and domestic violence led Esteban to search for belonging.

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Before Deborah graduated from Village of Hope in 2012, she was living in the aftermath of addiction and abuse.

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How we accomplish our mission

Orange County Rescue Mission Services

We provide solutions for the root causes of homelessness. Through our network of campuses, programs, and comprehensive services, people receive the support and resources to find healing, restoration, and reach their full potential. Here are just five of the 16 life-changing services provided by Rescue Mission donors.

Faith in Jesus Christ



Career Placement


Together, we can change lives

Our Impact

Approximately 85% of people who have completed our two-year program have remained both clean and employed to-date since 2018.

The Heart of Homelessness

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At the core of homelessness – at its heart – there is brokenness that can only be addressed by restoration through Jesus Christ.

Our Use Of Donations

The Power of $1.00

81¢ 15¢
  • Direct Assistance to the Homeless 81¢
  • Communications & Fundraising 15¢
  • Administrative

Job Placement

In 2021, The Success Center had 100% job placement for students who completed the program.

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