The House of Hope

The House of Hope provides single mothers with children the opportunity to enter the labor market while obtaining housing and supportive services that assists them through the crucial transition from recently homeless to a stable housing  environment.

The House of Hope has 15 rooms and up to 45 beds where families are provided help  and hope through an on-site case manager.  This community-based structured program  can best be described as a loving, Christ-centered supportive place where families pay 30% of their income towards a program fee, while offering the benefits of and continued access to stabilization-based services.

Each family will have the opportunity to move through 4 levels of self-sufficiency (Emergency & In-Crisis, Stable but Vulnerable, Safely in Transition, and Stable & Self-sufficient) in each of the following eight domains: Housing, Hunger,  Healthcare, Mental Wellness, Education, Employment, Finances, and Parenting. It is the ultimate goal of the program to move families up through each self-sufficiency level in every domain. The results are that families are fully prepared and equipped to live independently without any aid or support and barriers to self-sufficiency are reduced or completely eliminated.

The House of Hope extends healing relationships, fosters holistic growth, and provides opportunities for families to take practical steps towards increasing self-sufficiency. It is a place that encompasses peace and safety, while providing nurturing support for children as mothers work towards their goals of stability with their families and our community.