Q1. What does it mean when you say that the Rescue Mission is a faith-based organization?
Answer: The Orange County Rescue Mission was formed as a faith based organization in 1963. Since that time the Rescue Mission has shared Hope through Jesus Christ to those without hope in Orange County. This ministry of Hope is based on the principles of Christianity.

Q2. Does the Rescue Mission discriminate on the basis of religion or anything else?
Answer: No, the Orange County Rescue Mission does not discriminate against anyone. Our Programs are available to men, women, and children.

Q3. Where does the Rescue Mission get its funds?
Answer: The Rescue Mission is funded entirely through donations and grants. Eighty percent of the funds come from individuals, and the remaining twenty percent comes from corporations, foundations and grants.

Q4. Does the Rescue Mission receive government welfare funds for its general operations?
Answer: No, the Rescue Mission does not use government welfare funds for it’s general operations.

Q5. Whom does the Rescue Mission serve?
Answer: The Orange County Rescue Mission serves the least, the last, and the lost of Orange County. The programs are designed to give comprehensive services that move homeless men, women, and children to self-sufficiency. As of FY 2004, there are 34,998 homeless men, women and children in Orange County. 24,498 (70%) of these are homeless families and 10,500 (30%) of these are children.

Q6. What determines if a homeless person is considered successful at the Rescue Mission?
Answer: The Rescue Mission encourages success in clients through graduation from the program or self-sufficiency. The client can fulfill the New Life program in 6-18 months. One year after graduating or leaving, the client should be self-sufficient without government welfare.

Q7. Is the Rescue Mission obligated to pay property taxes for it’s facilities?
Answer: No, as a charity providing services at no cost, the Rescue Mission is not required to pay property taxes.