Arrianna’s mother left when she was just 2 years old. She spent the rest of her childhood being passed from her drug-dealing father, to her abusive mother, and back to dad and step-mom, and finally, at 14, to an elderly great-grandmother. The only constant in her chaotic life was ballet. In high school, Arrianna was… More>


“Just trust in God and He’ll take care of you,” Russell says with an easy confidence. And to look at him now, you’d never guess the road he’s walked. But not much more than a year ago, Russell couldn’t walk at all. An accident had shattered his ankle and left him confined to a wheelchair. Suddenly work became an ordeal. Barely… More>

Robert and Suzy

Suzy stood in stunned silence and waved sadly. She knew in her heart that she would never see her foster daughter again. “That was it,” Suzy recalls. “From that moment on, our whole world collapsed.” With no job, no money and little left to live for, she turned her back on everyone and everything and took to the… More>


  FREE TO LIVE . . . BECAUSE YOU GAVE Alex’s addiction was killing him. Until, with your help, he found new life in Christ at Orange County Rescue Mission. Alex learned the hard way that you have to choose your friends wisely. He grew up in church and went on missions trips, but he had another group of friends who… More>


  Devin and Jody know how low life can be tough. But because of you and others like you, Devin and Jody also know that miracles still happen. This is their story — a true Easter story of lives redeemed. It begins on a street corner six years ago, during an anything-but-happy holiday. Just having enough to buy food for his… More>

Alex cleberg

  Nice to see another young man doing some introspection early on, Alex Cleberg is a twenty year old laid back cat that I see going far in life because of the work God has already begun for my new friend and brother in Christ. Alex has been here for about three weeks, and I’ve… More>

Margot troupe

  There are many grateful men and women who live comfortably at the OCRM because of the good God is doing for this world today. Margot Troupe is one of these many women who feel God is blessing them every day they are allowed to live here and heal from the burdens of a broken… More>