Chris and Tierra

Tiera’s Story Tiera’s mom drove for hours looking for a safe place to park. Their family had just lost their Section 8 housing benefits, and even though Tiera had a great job, it wasn’t enough. Unable to keep up with the rent on their own, they found themselves homeless. In the middle of the night,… More>

Robert and Katie

  Robert entered the Marine Corps straight out of high school and served three years at Camp Pendleton. Things didn’t go so well for him. He had started doing drugs when he was just 11 years old. When he joined the Marines, he brought his problems with him— and he was discharged with them. He… More>


Your partnership with the Orange County Rescue Mission helps families like Edgar’s find lasting hope. “I was working 2 jobs, 7 days a week. But it wasn’t enough to pay rent and food. “I didn’t have a lot of time with my family. I couldn’t even go to church. We were living in an apartment… More>


It’s a comfortable early-summer evening in Santa Ana. Blocks away, young families are strolling through a tree-lined Thursday Farmer’s Market. Baskets of fresh berries overflow, lemonade in tall glasses, but here in a parking lot at the corner of Ross Street and Santa Ana Boulevard — site of Orange County’s Walk of Fame — there’s… More>


Nelson’s 30-year battle with addiction started when he was just 10 years old. It took him into gang life, homelessness, prison and two strokes. But along the way, Nelson also became a father. And it was his deep desire to be the dad he never had that finally got his attention. Living in a hotel… More>

David and Rachel

David and Rachael have been together for 23 years — since they were teenagers — all those years consumed by drugs. They’ve never known any other way to live. The list of all the bad in their lives is long: drugs, robbery, jail, homelessness, CPS, prison. Their lifestyle was so destructive; David and Rachael gave… More>


  Fourteen-year-old Kara idolized her neighbor — she was beautiful, thin and the coolest mom around. But the secret to her neighbor’s inspiring weight loss and spunk turned out to be speed — an addictive poison that enslaved Kara and eventually left her homeless, hungry and in terrible danger. Kara’s life quickly filled with dangerous… More>